Shattered Star

In the Crow's Nest, Session 3

Shards of Sin

Armed with the knowledge gained from the Shard of Pride, the party prepped their gear and rested for an evening before heading out early the next day to the Irespan. Hiring a boatman named Pete, they headed for the Crow, an Irespan piling standing 220 feet tall off the shore of Magnimar. As they approached in the morning fog, Pete guided the boat into a lancet arch at the base of the Crow, where they found a stepped terrace with three boats tied up by heavy stones.

The adventurers moved ashore, noting that a few old campfires were scattered about, and that a formerly secret entrance to the Crow had been reduced to rubble, providing entry to the structure. Moving inside they ran into a number of clues that the Crow had been, or still was, occupied, with discarded remnants of food and clothing and a room dedicated as a privy located nearby. The next room, a small landing on the stairwell, revealed a powdery yellow substance on the floor near three open stone boxes (which had already been looted). As the party moved up the stairs into the next room, they startled someone/thing, which let out a squeak and ran up the stairs opposite where the party had entered the pillared room.

Pursuing up the winding stairwell, the party ran into three Tower Girls, who warned them to turn around and go back the way they had come. The players instead charged, killing two of the thugs and overwhelming a third, whom they questioned for information about the rest of the structure. Theon then volunteered to lead the remaining Tower Girl away to secure her and insure that she didn’t give the party away. The party discovered a secret door that had been propped open by the trio of Tower Girls, which led to a large room that opened up onto the shaft the runs from the landing dock below to the top of the Crow.

Crossing via a series of rickety platforms and ropes, the party made it’s way to the middle platform, up into the trap door above, and through a short crawlspace to a long hallway marked with alcoves. Bones littered the floor of each empty crypt, and the party moved cautiously to the end of the hallway, which opened into a series of two rooms at an angle to the hallway.

The party avoided the wire trap at the entrance to the two rooms, and Theon was able to sneak up on the sleeping Tower Girl and take her by surprise. However, the other guard had fled the room down a back stairwell, and so after a quick search of the nearby rooms the party set off down a long hallway that led to another stairwell, leading further into the Crow.

The adventurers set off down the stairwell, and entered a room filled with Tower Girls, led by the lycanthrope Karisa. She demanded that the party leave the Crow immediately, and backed her show of force with six Tower Girls and four Donkey Rats.



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