Shattered Star

In the Crow's Nest, Session 4

Shards of Sin

Faced with a hostile group of Tower Girls and Donkey Rats, the adventurers did what they do best, and charged the enemy. A fierce fight ensued, with a few adventurers narrowly avoiding the bite of Karisa, and eventually they prevailed over the gangsters. A search of the various rooms occupied by the Tower Girls revealed a fair amount of treasure, and the party pocketed this loot and moved further into the structure, encountering yet another stairwell the lead them back down a level within the Crow.

Here they located a large room with a massive pair of double doors, sheathed in hot siccatite. Tiles on the door, resembling those the party saw on the Paradox Box earlier, spelled out the following:


The group searched the rest of the room, finding a small dead-end tunnel and then turning two the two smaller doors at the other end of the spearhead-shaped room. As these were opened, they were confronted by a wererat in full form, accompanied by two Donkey Rats. Whirling her bladed scarf about her head, Ayala Javeski identified herself and demanded that the party leave the Crow immediately. With predictable results, they once again engaged this threat with force of arms.



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