Shattered Star

In the Crow's Nest, Session 5

Shards of Sin

The party fight with Ayala was over in no time at all, as they simply overwhelmed her and the Donkey Rats by her side. They then began to search the room intently, discovering a secret door into a small inner room.

Inside the room they found the bones of a dead man, which they searched, discovering a few masterwork items, a pendant, a silk rope, and a pouch full of gold coins. Dividing up the bounty, the party then returned to the hot siccatite doors in the adjoining room. After puzzling over the tiles for a time, the adventurers finally stumbled upon the word combination of


With this the doors opened slightly, and the party pushed into a dusty, cobwed-choked corridor devoid of footprints. Following it led them to another winding staircase, which opened eventually into a short hallway that led them to an ancient bath room. Exploring the room, they were assaulted by two Giant Amoebas, which they battled fiercely until victory was achieved.

Theon then explored a winding passage that opened onto a largish room occupied by two huge spiders, eating a dolphin! He retreated quickly, and the party decided to head down the only remaining hallway. It was here that Doug noticed a secret door, which the adventurers were quickly able to open.

This door lead into a large, long room that eventually opened onto a ledge over a sea water filled chamber. A ledge along one edge led to a wooden plank that was laid out to a stone pillar with a bucket on it, out in the water filled chamber. Theon tested this plank, which broke under his weight. Using his athletic abilities he was able to grasp the ledge behind him and hoist himself to safety. He then ran along the ledge and launched himself to the stone pillar, landing with ease. Following a quick inspection, he dumped the bat-filled bucket into the water, which caused huge water spiders to boil up the sides of the pillar. Theon lept back to the ledge, and the entire party fled the room just ahead of the arachnids, slamming the secret door behind them.

Heading down the curved stairwell near the secret door, the adventurers came upon a large room filled with a half-dozen conical mounds of dirt and debris. As Theon moved to inspect one, a giant ant emerged from the mound, and the fight was on. The party fought ant after ant, as more continued to emerge from the others mounds throughout the room. It was a close, tense fight but in the end the adventurers prevailed, after which they sat down to collect their wits and decide their next course of action.



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