Shattered Star

A Game Afoot in Magnimar, Session 1

Shards of Sin


Sheila heidmarch
The adventure began with each of the players being asked to visit Magnimar by Sheila Heidmarch, a Venture-captain with the Pathfinder Society. Upon arriving at Heidmarch Manor, the characters were asked by Sheila to wait in the lodge library/study while she finished up business with Koriah Azmeren, a renowned Pathfinder known as an expert on the Darklands.

Sheila asked that the characters take a look at a paradox box, which Koriah had brought back from the Darklands. The ladies then retired to a nearby room, leaving the characters to puzzle over the box, which sat next to a pile of notes on a table in the middle of the cluttered library/study. After roughly 50 minutes, the players were able to open the box, whereupon two Pugwampi sprang from the paradox box and began to destroy anything they could get their hands on in the library/study.

A short fight ensued, with the characters able to finally dispatch the loathsome creatures, with no small amount of destruction to the room and its contents, including the destruction of the main table by Doug the dwarven paladin. Inside the box they discovered 3 garnets, a ring of feather falling, and silver dagger, which Sheila allowed them to keep.

Pugwampi paradox box small

Sheila then detailed the reason for calling them to Magnimar, which was to hunt down an informant of hers, Natalya Vancaskerkin. The woman disappeared recently, after acquiring some item that Natalya had said would be of great interest to the Society. The characters were given three leads regarding where they might find information that would help them locate Natalya: a man named the Amazing Zograthy, rumors of Nidalese slavers abducting people late at night, and the city guard, which may have taken Natalya to the Arvensoar, the garrison for the city watch.

The characters set out to talk to the Amazing Zograthy, who told them that people have been going missing, but that the Sczarni are not involved. He also informed them that Natalya was recently a member of the Tower Girls, a gang of cat burglars.

The characters then visited the Arvensoar, where they learned that the city watch did not have Natalya in their possession, but that she had been last rumored to be staying down in the Underbridge region of the city, with a disreputable local named Fenster the Blight. At this point they headed to the Dancing Stag, an inn of common standing.

People and Places
Heidmarch Manor
Koriah Azmeren
Paradox Box
Pathfinder Society
Sheila Heidmarch

Ring of Feather Falling


The session went pretty well, given that we hadn’t played anything in over a year, and were playing an entirely new rule set. Everyone was fairly patient, and things should be smoother as we progress.

Keep in mind that the action, while largely driven by the players, is also partially in my control. At times you may feel like things are moving too slowly, but rest assured that the pace will pick up as needed so there’s no need to rush along and not enjoy the adventure. Sometimes the most fun is had when a player or three goes off the rails onto some rabbit trail. Sit back and enjoy the ride, the train eventually makes its way back onto the tracks.

I thought it was great that everyone made a good effort to roleplay while playing a Roleplaying Game. The more into your characters you get, the more into the NPC’s and monsters I’ll get, so keep it up. I’m working on a way to reward players who roleplay as much as possible.

We’d like to play longer next time, we had to cut it short this time due to work obligations the next morning for some. I think if we could play until at least 10PM, that would justify the longer drive many of us have.


This week Itor, Doug, Nerisaris Darksbane, and Theon Baelish selected their character Traits, and I added them to their character sheets in Hero Lab. Now we just need to get Iolar Madaxe and Elsbeth set up and we’ll have all the initial character creation stuff out of the way.

Iolar Madaxe

You may choose (1) campaign trait for the Shattered Star campaign.
Shattered Star Traits

You may choose (1) basic trait (Combat, Faith, Magic, Social).
Basic Traits


You may choose (1) campaign trait for the Shattered Star campaign.
Shattered Star Traits

You may choose (1) basic trait (Combat, Faith, Magic, Social).
Basic Traits



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