Shattered Star

The Seeker's Shard, Session 2

Shards of Sin


Having received a clue to the whereabouts of one Fenster the Blight, who purportedly had information related to finding Natalya Vancaskerkin, the PC’s set out to find Fenster in the Underbridge. Traveling down towards the shoreline, the streets of Magnimar took on a run-down demeanor and the characters stayed vigilant to avoid any trouble.

Asking around in the Underbridge, they finally located the slope-sided warehouse supposedly occupied by Fenster, and quickly cased the location. The party entered the warehouse, and taking in Fenster’s ramshackle board and boat hut, with sailcloth door, they laid 5gp into the dish near the broken chest and stood back to await Fenster.

Fenster appeared a couple minutes later, and the PC’s proceeded to ask him where they might find Natalya. Fenster indicated that she was no longer with the Tower Girls, and that she had set up shop with some new goons in a run-down building in the Underbridge. The PC’s duped Fenster into beleiving a 50GP gem was worth 100GP in order to get this information, and he also provided them with a map to Natalya’s location written with coal on parchment.

The players made their way to the location mapped out by Fenster, and began to study the building itself for points of entry. Upon approaching the front door, they were accosted by two thugs wielding crossbows. The thugs demanded to know what they were doing in the area, and promptly told them to find a new location to lurk about.

Responding quickly to this threat, Iolar Madaxe charged the front door, smashing through with brute strength. Unfortunately, he discovered that the room had no floor, only a board spanning the cesspit and reaching to the door on the far side of the room. He maintained his balance for a moment, but then hurtled face-first into the sludge.

Doug moved to engage the thugs outside, while Theon fired an arrow at them from in front of the building. Itor engaged with a Fire Bolt, and Elsbeth entered the building, rushing to the far door in the first room and flinging it open. Elsbeth was then fired upon by two goblins hiding behind stacks of crates and barrels in a corner of the room, at which point she decided to retreat. She shut the door and turned to run outside for healing, but then fell into the sludge next to Iolar.

Theon moved to engage the thugs outside, as Doug took two vicious shots from their morningstars. Seeing that Doug was in danger, Itor moved up and cast Cure Light Wounds to keep him in the fight. Enraged, Doug swung back with his weapon but was disarmed by one of the thugs!

Back inside the building, Iolar heard evil laughter from within the sewer pipes emptying into the room, and decided to wriggle through a pipe to injure some enemies. Elsbeth attempted to climb back up onto the board crossing the room, trying to reach Itor in order to be healed. After a couple tries, she finally made her way onto the board, and then began calling for Itor.

Outside against the thugs, Theon began to land shots with his weapons, slipping past the armor of the second thug. Doug then killed the second thug with a Shield Bash, and turned his attention to the other thug. Itor ran back to heal Elsbeth, and they then both turned to try to take out the last thug.

Inside the sewers, Iolar plopped out of the sewage pipe and encountered two goblins, dispatching them in short order. He then slipped back into the sewage pipe to make his way back to the party, who witnessed another Doug shield bash that killed the first thug.

Natalya vancaskerkin

Not wanting to battle their way through a decrepit, deadly building, the party searched the outside of the building for other ways in. Eventually, they decided that Theon would climb the crumbling chimney and descend via Ring of Feather Falling, while the rest of the party following Iolar and Doug through the boarded up windows out back.

Two attempts later and Doug and Iolar had broken through the windows out back, only to find themselves plunging into separate rooms, sans floors and filled with sewer sludge as well. Meanwhile, Theon had spotted a woman scribbling into a book in the hollowed-out chimney, and stealthed down to slip his blades up to her neck and back, forcing her and her two sewer goblin guards to surrender. The party discovered Natalya’s mad plans to take over the Sczarni gang in the city with her gang, and Iolar took a coppery shard from her that she claimed was an object of great power.

Shard of pride

Returning to Heidmarch Manor, the party showed the shard to Sheila, and soon learned that it was a fragment of a powerful artifact from ancient Thassilon. Iolar revealed the powers of this particular shard, while Sheila noted that it was part of a larger grouping of shards, that formed an artifact named the Sihedron. Sheila told the party about the power each shard had to point the way to the next piece, and Iolar focused on the shard and discovered that the next piece was surprisingly nearby, in an Irespan piling called the Crow. The party agreed to continue the quest for the next shard, while Sheila promised more information through her research the next time they spoke.

People and Places
Heidmarch Manor
Pathfinder Society
Sheila Heidmarch

Shard of Pride


I thought this was another good session, despite being down two players. As a rule, I won’t ask players to play other player characters unless the lack of that character would have a big impact on party survivability. Essentially, if there are is no tank or healer, I’ll ask someone to play one of those roles to avoid TPK (total party kill). This is not to say that other player characters are not important, just that you can live without some DPS but you probably won’t live without a tank or healer.

Pace was good, and everyone was very patient again, given that I’m the primary source for rules knowledge at this point. If each of you could take a bit of time to read some of the rules (which you may find free on the Pathfinder PRD under Core Rulebook), this will really help the game move much more smoothly. At the very least, take a look at your race/class rules so that you know what your character is capable of doing.

Everyone is doing a good job of RP’ing their character, so keep it up. Keep in mind your alignment, the things that motivate your PC to do what s/he does, and what your goals are. This will help you develop your character within the campaign. I have one character background in my hands (thanks George!), so let me know if any of the rest of you create one or need help creating one.

We played until about 10:10PM, which is a good quitting time I think. That allows everyone to be home no later than Midnight and back into happy fun time work the next day. We’ll shoot for another 4 hour session next time, so that we can keep things moving along.


I still need to get Iolar Madaxe and Elsbeth to choose Traits for their characters.

Iolar Madaxe

You may choose (1) campaign trait for the Shattered Star campaign.
Shattered Star Traits

You may choose (1) basic trait (Combat, Faith, Magic, Social).
Basic Traits


You may choose (1) campaign trait for the Shattered Star campaign.
Shattered Star Traits

You may choose (1) basic trait (Combat, Faith, Magic, Social).
Basic Traits



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